Monday, June 18, 2012

2012 Golden Music Forum: Industrial executive talks about relations between game and music

"2012 Golden Music Forum", part of the 2012 Golden Music Exposition, a professional exposition for achievements of the music industry and its cross-fields in Taiwan, started varied topics from music to the other related or extended ones within a four-day event. In the second day of the 2012 Golden Music Forum last Sunday (June 17th), industrial executives talked about relations between game and music with the topic "Applications of music in games".

"Before the copyright issue is not mentioned and valued by several game developers, some of them (companies) chose several well-known canned musics to be materials of audio and clip enhancements when arranging musics or a simple clip to a game. However, there is still a great copyright issue on 'Canned Musics', if someone still uses them, they may not afford financial losses when they confronted lawsuits from original (music or audio) authors. As though, a specified department of music and audio production in a game company will be a key factor to show the value of 'original music' in a company (or its game).

"Music is undoubtedly a great element to effect on several factors including enterprise culture, design and image of a brand in a company or a game. For example, 'Miku Hatsune', an virtual idol from Japan, stands for not only a boom of subcultures but also productions and extensions on gaming, music, and performance art like cosplay and the other related events."

"Miku Hatsune" made great impacts on several extensions from music and games to subcultures. (Archived photo from the "2012 Taiwan Miku Hatsune Utilization Anniversary Tournament".)