Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 TIBE: "Lost Islands" by Naoyuki Katoh illustrates the imagiation of modern city

Can we imagine the future of a modern city? Maybe we can't realize the future of modern city as some catastrophic movie described, but in the 2013 TIBE, Naoyuki Katoh made his live drawing named "Lost Island" to express about the possible future of a modern city.

'I set this subject "Lost Island" to simulate a lost future of a modern city just similar as a war age taken place in the "Space Battleship Yamato". It's difficult to mix objects from different eras in the same drawing. Although the whole event in the drawing may not be happened in our real life, but I hope this draw can take effect on life awareness.' Described by Naoyuki Katoh.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 TIBE - Hong Kong Pavilion: Creative ideas in essentials

As movie and entertainment industry in a great notability from Taipei Golden Horse Award last year, the publishing and printing industries came closer and closer in recent years.

This year, Hong Kong Printers Association and Hong Kong Publishing Federation still brought on several creative publications to the public to showcase creative achievements from architecture, photographing, illustration, design, music and entertainment, cultural and creative, and literature.

A "hand fan" symbolizes gentility of a intellectual, it not only can be used to cool down the heat in some traditional thinking but also can be a collective treasure as it added some special designs like this "Hand Fan Box".
A special red envelope is designed with dragon and celebration phrases to break traditional "full-red envelope" ideas.
Glancing modern histories of old-fashioned music era, "Elvis: Recording Career - Forever in the Groove" the book cover designed with a phonograph record to make music listeners got more interested in Elvis' history and music moments.