Site Policy

Update frequently without notices.
  • Photos of a single product will not be uploaded if it's not related to show events.
  • We accept press releases or media invitations related to game, music, comic, anime, and entertainment. Event press releases or invitations related to other ones not listed here will not be accepted, please contact ExpoFrontier site instead.
  • It's strictly prohibited if the organizer mail an invitation or press release related to political events.
  • We STRONGLY unwelcome any PR or companies who only considers business media as media press.
  • Due to disputes on transprotation professionals, all the bus photos related to music, game, or entertainment events are prohibited to be shared to any communities, websites, or forums related to transportation type.
  • The post function of Facebook Fan Page is only available for the site administrators, to make a suggestion or provide information, please consider using "Message" function or writing an e-mail to the site founder. (e-mail address can be found at information of fan page)
  • If you want to forward or share articles or media from our site to other resources, please footnote source for etiquette issue, thanks.