Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tom's World Taiwan: Bring sport and recreation to the public welfare

Since basketball-shooting became a huge pop from small local night markets to several public events, the "basketball-shooting" machine can be seen anywhere although it's just for a small challenge stage in a event booth.
Basketball-shooting became a very hit sport after several creative ideas realized from local arcade industry in Taiwan.
To make the public highly caution about social awareness, Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation and Tom's World made a collaboration in a basketball-shooting event from weekly trial to charity friendship event.

Different with several traditional basketball-shooting tournaments in Taiwan's arcade industry, this collaboration transformed a simple athlete tournament into a non-competitive charity event to encourage the public (especially disabilities) interacting with proper outdoor recreation and sport events.
"We chose basketball-shooting as the base of this year's charity event base because it made a huge pop from sport to arcade industry in Taiwan. Sporting can bring out positive ways to the public as well," according to Syin-Lu Foundation.

Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo: New gaming to interact with Taiwan

Last week in Taipei, Taiwan, the 22nd 2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo showcased some new arcade games in the Taipei World Trade Center. To attract the foreign buyers interacting with local-developed arcade machines, Haw Ji Corporation, organizer for the "GTI Asia" series show, initially set up the pavilion for the show theme named "Hello, Taiwan".

As of mobility became a major factor in the gaming industry, some companies chose to integrate gaming records with cloud services mainly by Android apps. "As populations of mobile users grew up progressively, Integrating gaming records to a mobile application is the great factor to benefit players querying and updating their own scores (performances) anytime and anywhere when connecting to Internet with mobile devices if the arcade machines have Internet connection ability," Mike Hsu, AVP of Feiloli Electronic Corporation, mentioned during the 2014 GTI.

Feiloli integrates their own scoring systems between mobile devices and arcade machines to attract players fetching gaming information via Internet with mobile devices.
Besides of service integration, some major companies also made stage events to attract buyers and visitors interacting with new released games.

TAITO's Groove Coaster debuted in 2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo.
(Click for Testplay Video)
Shooting Sports by Zeroplus with multilingual support.
(Click for Testplay Video)
Racing games by Bandai Manco.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

2014 TGS CEO Forum: Mobile market as future trend in gaming industry

2014 Taipei Game Show CEO Forum.
Not only the B2C area gathered with major theme pavilions, an industrial forum named "TGS Industrial Seminar" was also taken place in the B2B area in the opening day of the 2014 Taipei Game Show at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1.

In the Opening CEO Forum, all the local CEOs jointly think mobility as the future trend in the digital content industry.

'As majority of mobile user population, gaming platforms on mobile tablet devices and smart phones will progressively replace the current PC platform,' Aaron Hsu, Chairman of XPEC mentioned.

'We (the industry) should try to define the 2014 as the "mobile year" because we have witnessed the globalization of mobile gaming markets and grown up of populations on mobile users and mobile devices especially smart phones and mobile tablets," Sheree Tsao, Chairman of InterServ commented.

After the CEO Forum, Aaron Hsu, Chairman of XPEC, publicly appealed the industry to join a special venture innovation platform similar with "garage coffee" in Zhongguancuan, Beijing, China.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Taipei Game Show to extend ACG cosplay mania with "TGS Cosplay Competition" at TWTC in Taiwan

As 7-year-old "Taipei International Book Exhibition Cosplay Competition" (in picture) temporarily comes to an end with termination of main showground for TIBE Comic and Animation Hall, there seemed to be no ACG cosplay competition to be held at Taipei World Trade Center.

But the Taipei Computer Association (TCA), organizer of "Taipei Game Show", decided to make a major impact before the Chinese Lunar New Year during the "Taipei Game Show", that is: 'To hold the first-ever "TCG Cosplay Competition".' This message noticed that the mania of ACG cosplay in the TWTC during the Lunar New Year Vacation will be succeeded by the Taipei Game Show (in picture).

The first ACG cosplay competition in the TWTC arena (as TWTC Hall 1, Hall 2, and Hall 3 included) is "Taipei International Book Exhibition Cosplay Competition" in 2007. It is temporarily enclosed as of "Taipei Show Hall 2" (TWTC Hall 2) demolished by its new land owner Nan Shan Life Insurance as Nan Shan planned to rebuild with a new complex building named "Nan Shan Square".

Taipei Game Show will be showcased at the Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1 from January 23rd to 27th, registration for the "TGS Cosplay Competition" is opened to the public.

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