Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Digital content industry in Taiwan promoted at the 2012 Digital Taipei

To promote the digital content industry in Taiwan, Industrial Development Bureau and Digital Content Industry Promotion Office of the Ministry of the Economic Affairs hold a major summit event with forum, seminars, expositions, and biz-matching events named "Digital Taipei" in Taiwan on July 16th and 17th, 2012 in the National Taiwan University Hospital International Convention Center.

There are four major parts including "international game masters", "games in cross-strait area", "business opportunity", and "digital content application" in the forum. To echo the summit theme of the "Future PLAY - Plenty, Link, Amazing, Young", the organizer arranged forum topics from popular web games to mobile market trends.

Besides of forums and biz-matching events, the organizer showcased industrial achievements in Taiwan with varied pavilions including "Taiwan Animation Library", general showcases of local and indie animation products, "Digital Content Award", R&D achievements from software to digital content industries, and "Summer Playground", guidelines of the new game-ratings in Taiwan.

Themed Pavilions to introduce digital content industry in Taiwan: Taiwan Animation Library (left) and Summer Playground (right).

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Local specialists and mixed cultures gathered in the 2012 Taoyuan International ACG Carnival

Thinking complexity, the cultures would be different. To promote local and international ACG cultures from Taoyuan County to the other places, the Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taoyuan County Government initiated first-ever "2012 Taoyuan International ACG Carnival" from July 13th to August 19th in the Taoyuan County Performing Arts Center.

This major event included microcosms and specialists of ACG culture from Taiwan to the other places. Lots of public intern workshops and seminars about the ACG industry are scheduled to be held during the showdays.

To increase the international opportunity on international exchanges, several topic events are scheduled next month including ACG orchestra live performance by Kaoru Wada and Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra, anime audio live performance by Sho Hayami, ACG cosplay carnival, and creative ACG market.

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