Sunday, October 28, 2012

"Touch of the Light" the film OST released, Yu-Hsiang Huang inspires supporters' hearts with his performances

"Touch of the Light", an undisputed inspirational movie in Taiwan described about a real story of a blind pianist named "Yu-Hsiang Huang" pursuing his music dream in his blind but not disabled life, released its original soundtrack in recent officially. After its release, the production team held an outdoor thanksgiving recital to favor movie supporters and invoke a spirit of blind but not disabled in the public.

As of the production team, this movie was not only awarded and recommended in several events including Busan International Film Festival and Taipei Film Festival but also evaluated as the best positive inspirational movie without any negative commentaries in the public.

"I hope my story can be spread to anywhere in the world because I have positive aspects to overcome any difficulties when I performed music with my favorite piano in the public," as Yu-Hsiang Huang, main actor of the movie "Touch of the Light", mentioned during this event.