Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 Shin-Kong Songwriting Contest recap: Dreaming the positive future with creativity

"Shin-Kong Songwriting Contest", an indie music contest by Shin-Kong Group in Taiwan, celebrated its decade last month in Taipei, Taiwan. It attracted 69 entries to join this competition, about 20 units were nominated to the Grand Final.

To encourage positive outlook in the public, the organizer themed its contest with "dream" and "future" this year.
The Girl's Mood Band styled Taiwanese-POP performance.
GUTS Band, a powerful and potential indie band in Taiwan.
According to the officials, this event was formerly focused on band teamwork, after re-designations, the organizer decided to aim its focus on creative songwriting. Therefore, Shin-Kong Group changed formations on music contests with songwriting contest since 2011.

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