Friday, November 16, 2012

Academical units showcases creative prototypes at the 2012 Taiwan 4C Digital Design Awards

To encourage the public and academical units interact with digital content industry, the Industrial Development Bureau of Ministry of Economic Affairs (R.O.C) held "4C Digital Design Awards" for students to showcase their creative ideas on ACG prototypes.

'The "4C Digital Design Awards", one of the "Digital Content Awards" by Ministry of Economic Affairs, exclusively made for the creative workers and academical units, has been successfully held more than a decade since 2002 and in Taiwan. This annual event also build its notability on building an interactive platform between the industry, academical units, and the public.

'I'm glad that the public and more and more academical units submitted creative works close to international-standard performances. Although all the participated entities are prototypes, I hope all the participants can improve your creations whether you get your ideal awards or not,' commented by Jong-chin Shen, Director General of the Industrial Development Bureau (IDB).

The organizer derived six divisions in this event including Animation Division, Animation Manuscript Division, PC Game Division, Mobile Game Division, Game Proposal Division, and Creative Application Division. It attracted more than one thousand people submitting 432 entities. Estimate 117 entities were enrolled into the final decision.

About 42 entities are awarded by the officials, Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology is awarded with "Best Teamwork Award" and "Best Team Performance Award" by submitting the most quantity of entities and winning the most quantity of awards.