Friday, November 23, 2012

2012 Konami Arcade Championship: Glancing arcade cultures in Taiwan

The Asian Final of the 2012 Konami Arcade Championship initialed in Taiwan.
2012 Konami Arcade Championship, a major annual arcade event by Konami Asia, started its Grand Finals for all music game divisions today until this Sunday in Taipei Time (GMT+8). Different from recent years, Konami Asia chose Taipei, Taiwan as its location of Asian Final based on players' performances in some past years and arcade event maturities in Taiwan including "REFLEC BEAT Taiwan Grand Prix" by Saint-Fun, "Jubeat Taiwan Championship" by Sume Corporation.
"REFLEC BEAT Taiwan Grand Prix", one of a famous arcade music game event in Taiwan. (Reference Photo in Summer 2012)
The alternation of generations for arcade music games in Taiwan varied evidently especially from several promotional events, trade shows, and music and entertainment industry in Eastern Asia. To construct bright image of arcade music games to the public, some local agencies in Taiwan also held several promotional events to motivate the public especially light players interacting with game by enjoying music rhythms and correctly acknowledging trends of popular music.