Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Tom's World Taiwan: Bring sport and recreation to the public welfare

Since basketball-shooting became a huge pop from small local night markets to several public events, the "basketball-shooting" machine can be seen anywhere although it's just for a small challenge stage in a event booth.
Basketball-shooting became a very hit sport after several creative ideas realized from local arcade industry in Taiwan.
To make the public highly caution about social awareness, Syin-Lu Social Welfare Foundation and Tom's World made a collaboration in a basketball-shooting event from weekly trial to charity friendship event.

Different with several traditional basketball-shooting tournaments in Taiwan's arcade industry, this collaboration transformed a simple athlete tournament into a non-competitive charity event to encourage the public (especially disabilities) interacting with proper outdoor recreation and sport events.
"We chose basketball-shooting as the base of this year's charity event base because it made a huge pop from sport to arcade industry in Taiwan. Sporting can bring out positive ways to the public as well," according to Syin-Lu Foundation.