Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016 Taoyuan ACGT: TGIPA to promote proper leisure arcade gaming image in Taiwan

The 5th 2016 Taoyuan ACG Fair (known as Taoyuan ACGT), organized by Taoyuan City Government, officially approved as the annual international events of "Taiwan Tourism Events" by Tourism Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications R.O.C (Taiwan), was taken place at the Taoyuan Arts Center in Taoyuan, Taiwan from July 9th to July 24th.

The Taoyuan ACGT features ACG Cosplay competition, live dance showcase and competition, industrial forums, electronic game event, gaming pavilions, and holiday ACG markets. There are three kinds of theme showcases in the gaming pavilions: "Attack on Titan" localized edition by Sony Computer Entertainment, Monster Hunter Online by Capcom, and Arcade Gaming Image Area by Taiwan Game Industry Promotion Alliance (TGIPA) and International Games System Corporation (IGS).

To correct former image of arcade games in Taiwan, the TGIPA and IGS designed an experience area with picked-up popular arcade games for general age participants from music to adventure including Percussion Master 3, We Dancing Online, Muzibox, Overtake, and Hero of Robots.

'Some elder people still considered arcade game as "terrible ones" because of past media exposures about illegal gambling games, but the arcade game industry shouldn't be all bad as past. If local companies can devote puzzle or general age games to the public, I think the arcade game image in Taiwan can be progressively corrected,' an official intern student reporter commented to the manager about the pavilion on site.

[General Information of Taoyuan ACGT]

  • Organizer: Taoyuan City Government
  • Show Venue: Taoyuan Arts Center, Taoyuan, Taiwan.
  • Show Schedule: July 9th to July 24th, 2016.