Monday, May 12, 2014

2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo: New gaming to interact with Taiwan

Last week in Taipei, Taiwan, the 22nd 2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo showcased some new arcade games in the Taipei World Trade Center. To attract the foreign buyers interacting with local-developed arcade machines, Haw Ji Corporation, organizer for the "GTI Asia" series show, initially set up the pavilion for the show theme named "Hello, Taiwan".

As of mobility became a major factor in the gaming industry, some companies chose to integrate gaming records with cloud services mainly by Android apps. "As populations of mobile users grew up progressively, Integrating gaming records to a mobile application is the great factor to benefit players querying and updating their own scores (performances) anytime and anywhere when connecting to Internet with mobile devices if the arcade machines have Internet connection ability," Mike Hsu, AVP of Feiloli Electronic Corporation, mentioned during the 2014 GTI.

Feiloli integrates their own scoring systems between mobile devices and arcade machines to attract players fetching gaming information via Internet with mobile devices.
Besides of service integration, some major companies also made stage events to attract buyers and visitors interacting with new released games.

TAITO's Groove Coaster debuted in 2014 GTI Asia Taipei Expo.
(Click for Testplay Video)
Shooting Sports by Zeroplus with multilingual support.
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Racing games by Bandai Manco.