Saturday, December 21, 2013

ACG subculture shocks Taipei in "Zero-Nuke Festival"

Words are not enough than real actions.

To encourage public environment awareness of "nuke hazard", not only most of independent music workers published music collaboration "No nukes! Long play!" in Taiwan on December 4th, several ACG subcultural fans also gathered in a COSPLAY event in the "Zero-Nuke Festival" last month to echo awareness actions by Green Citizens' Action Alliance.

Taiwanese Indie Musicians supports actions by GCAA in a holiday music event.
Participants from a pair of children showed a custom poster to aware the public pay more attentions on "nuke hazard".
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Friday, May 10, 2013

2013 GTI Asia Taipei Expo: Creative inventories for opportunities

GTI Asia Taipei Expo (GTI Taipei), a traditional arcade gaming industry trade expo in Taiwan, celebrates its 20th year today in Taipei World Trade Center. Although there aren't some famous companies and major events participated in, but some new local or foreign-agent games still showed strengths of creative inventories and ideas.

Namco Bandai: Tradition, Ancient, and Spirit.

This year of GTI Taipei, NBGI highlighted their arcade theme by retro of "Pac-Man" as a "Pac-Man Zone" including varied games for most of all ages.

In addition to the NBGI, they also showed their enterprise slogan "Empower, Gain Momentum, Accelerate Evolution" to encourage the public do anything with positive attitude.

Feiloli: Basketball Shooting in New Ideas?

As many people thought about basketball shooting machine as "simple, fast, and accuracy", but this may be varied as Feiloli announced "Dream Shooter Arena" with very EXCLUSIVE blocking hand function. It simulated a real basketball game as a defender's hand randomly blocking (or breaking) shooter's shooting tempo.

IGS Games: The Power of All-MIT content with cross-over integration

Not only famoused games including Muzibox, Percussion Master 3, and Speed Rider Series, IGS showcased a card game with an original comic from Taiwan named "Hero Robots" (in picture). According to the IGS, this work referred settings and designs from past original comic manuscripts and characters. It showcased the true power of the integration with digital content, comic and animation, and arcade gaming industries in Taiwan.

Music games in a Glance: Functionality and humanity for opportinity

Although a great variations on this GTI Taipei, some of participants still promoted great inventions in arcade music game. Besides of maimai, Muzibox, and Percussion Master 3, some new games are designed for varied ages to make suitable with proper ages.

Amazing Hammer, a puzzle game with varied gaming styles for children and parents from strategical game to rhythmic game.
"Cube Master", a multi-touch puzzle game with varied scene and BGM music effects.
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Sunday, February 3, 2013

2013 TIBE: "Lost Islands" by Naoyuki Katoh illustrates the imagiation of modern city

Can we imagine the future of a modern city? Maybe we can't realize the future of modern city as some catastrophic movie described, but in the 2013 TIBE, Naoyuki Katoh made his live drawing named "Lost Island" to express about the possible future of a modern city.

'I set this subject "Lost Island" to simulate a lost future of a modern city just similar as a war age taken place in the "Space Battleship Yamato". It's difficult to mix objects from different eras in the same drawing. Although the whole event in the drawing may not be happened in our real life, but I hope this draw can take effect on life awareness.' Described by Naoyuki Katoh.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

2013 TIBE - Hong Kong Pavilion: Creative ideas in essentials

As movie and entertainment industry in a great notability from Taipei Golden Horse Award last year, the publishing and printing industries came closer and closer in recent years.

This year, Hong Kong Printers Association and Hong Kong Publishing Federation still brought on several creative publications to the public to showcase creative achievements from architecture, photographing, illustration, design, music and entertainment, cultural and creative, and literature.

A "hand fan" symbolizes gentility of a intellectual, it not only can be used to cool down the heat in some traditional thinking but also can be a collective treasure as it added some special designs like this "Hand Fan Box".
A special red envelope is designed with dragon and celebration phrases to break traditional "full-red envelope" ideas.
Glancing modern histories of old-fashioned music era, "Elvis: Recording Career - Forever in the Groove" the book cover designed with a phonograph record to make music listeners got more interested in Elvis' history and music moments.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2013 Taipei Game Show: B2B zone to connect with international gaming industry

International B2B Area at the 2012 Digital Taipei. (Photo in Reference)
Besides of the main exhibition and several key events for local visitors, Taipei Computer Association, the organizer of the 2013 Taipei Game Show, planned B2B Zone for international trade opportunities to local enterprises and international buyers and investors on January 31st and February 1st.

The B2B Zone contains complete industrial chain in Taiwan's gaming industry including developers, service providers, manufacturers, and operators. International enterprises from COM2US, Fortumo, D2C Japan, SK Plant, Gree Japan, Asiasoft, Tahadi Games Media, and Facebook, are confirmed to participate in this B2B event.

As maturities of mobile games and web applications in recent years, the Taipei Game Show Forum themed "New Wave: The Future of Gaming Industry" and invited several industrial professionals to analyze industrial trends and market strategies of global gaming industry.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

2013 TIBE: Belgian cultures highlighted; Comic Hall makes differences to the public

2013 The 21st Taipei International Book Exhibition (a.k.a. TIBE 2013), organized by Taipei Book Fair Foundation (TBFF) under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, will start its exhibition hour tomorrow at the Taipei World Trade Center in Taipei, Taiwan.

Guest of Honor: Belgium Annual Pavilion

After "Green Reading" theme last year, the organizer announced Belgium as Guest of Honor (a.k.a annual theme nation of the TIBE) in the 2013 TIBE. The Belgian Pavilion will feature several cultures including architecture, design, art, illustration, novel, animation, music, and several famous published works.

To commemorate the creator of saxophone, this annual pavilion will arrange a theme exhibition "Adolphe Sax: An Inventor of Genius" to showcase the history of saxophone, a huge two-meter tall saxophone will also be displayed with upcoming performance by Steve Houben this Thursday (January 31st).

Major variations in the Comic Hall of 2013 TIBE

To variate traditional image of the Comic Hall in the TIBE, the organizer planned "Special Exhibition of International Comics and Animation" featuring ACG works from Belgium and Taiwan to attract the public interact the power of Belgian and MIT works. Different with the upcoming 2013 Taipei International Comics and Animation Festival, the Comic Hall of TIBE focuses on showcases of soft strength in the ACG industry of Taiwan and Europe.

As the Taiwan Super COSPLAY Celebration (TSCC, Taiwan Qualifier for the World Cosplay Summit) made a major success last year, the organizer arranged 2013 TSCC Spring Qualifier into the TIBE Cosplay Competition to attract more newbies interacting with Japanese ACG Cosplay culture.

[Official Information]

  • Supervisor: Ministry of Culture, R.O.C.
  • Organizer: Taipei Book Fair Foundation
  • Date and Time: 
    • January 30th - 31st & Feb 4th: 10am to 6pm
    • February 1st & 2nd: 10am to 10pm
    • February 3rd: 10am to 8pm
  • Venue:
    • General and International Books: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 1
    • ACG Works: Taipei Show Hall 2
    • Kids Book: Taipei World Trade Center Exhibition Hall 3
  • Official Website: