Saturday, October 13, 2012

Regulation disputes on area registration exposed in the 2012 Konami Asia Championship

"2012 Konami Asia Championship", a major arcade tournament by Konami, exposed a major dispute on regulations for area registrations in recent.

According to the official announcement below (in picture), this announcement evidently exposed the lack of regulations on area filtering when registering.
According to the official sites from Japanese version and English version, the organizer just mentioned about registration times. Except for Bemani Masters, "cross-area registration prohibited" seemed not to be noted at all the game divisions' introduction pages by the officials. As of this announcement released after some division qualifiers started about a week, the "2012 Konami Asia Championship" seemed to be criticized and disputed from the public and several participants.

The Asian Finals for the 2012 Konami Asia Championship is scheduled to be held on Nov. 24 to 25 at Tom's World Jin Wan Nien Store in Taipei, Taiwan.