Wednesday, October 24, 2012

2012 ICCIE Taiwan: National and traditional music cultures in a glance

"An exposition showcased not only just images from several notable and potential brands but also varied cultures from music to traditional art performances such as puppet drama brands, that's why the TICCIE should be an representative brand of the culture-creative industry in Taiwan." 

-- Lawrence Chang, Chairman of General Chamber of Commerce.

Don't think the TICCIE (Taiwan International Culture and Creative Industry Exposition) is only just an exposition to showcase creative products and services, when finding some interesting performances, you will be able to know about the spirits from several indie cultures such as traditional music, performing arts.

Different from the pasts, some music labels in the 2012 TICCIE were mostly noted as some newbies are awarded in the 23th Golden Melody Awards.

"Physical albums form awarded singers were frequently asked. Because of positive factors from the Golden Melody Awards, some visitors will consider buying (or collecting) albums from award-winning performers. Several rare or varied music sects or cultures in Taiwan can be highly valued in addition," according to some participants in the 2012 TICCIE.

As of positive factors from the 23th Golden Melody Awards, the traditional music culture in Taiwan is valued again in the public.
In another way, some of governmental and academical units marketed their brands with current event topics or representative activities in the 2012 TICCIE. For example, to echo the awareness of environment issue, not only several participated units used eco-friendly materials to construct their booth or pavilion, but also some flags related to citizen movements were displayed during this event.

Continued with recently-held "2012 Eslite Rooftop Music Festival", a local participant showcased anti-nuke citizen movement flag for awareness to the public.
The Chiayi City Government marketed the 2012 Chiayi International Band Festival in the 2012 TICCIE.