Friday, January 27, 2012

2011 Mobileheroes Taiwan: "JulyNet" as a localization of "jubeat plus" in Android

Since Android and iOS competed intensively, several gaming developers have planned balancing game varieties in these main two mobile platforms. "JulyNet" by I@July Inc. is just a great example on localization and platform development.

In 2011 Mobileheroes Android UI Design Competition, an Android application similar with Konami "jubeat plus" on iOS platforms named "JulyNet" participated on this competition as Internship Department. It mostly featured on localization and Android platform compatibility. The JulyNet also provided different difficulty on single play and online versus for Andriod tablet and phone users.

Although its interface and music copyright issue existed, but the I@July Inc. showed a great ambitions on benefiting users handed with Andriod devices.