Tuesday, May 15, 2012

2012 GTI Asia Taipei Expo: New music games, new bright impression

Last week in the Taipei World Trade Center, the 2012 GTI Asia Taipei Expo (GTI Taipei), the most famous arcade-oriented gaming trade show in Asia and Taiwan, showcased several new line-ups especially music games by several companies including Sega, Konami, IGS, and Injoy.

New line-ups in a glance: Gaming with just simple intuitions, complex gaming techniques may not required

After the golden past of Miku Hatsune, We Dancing Online, REFLEC BEAT last year, there is a great variation on arcade music games during the 2012 GTI Taipei. Besides of new events from IGS and Konami, "MaiMai" by Sega and "Love Touch" by Injoy (in picture) were respectively showcased to show visitors.

Some new line-ups are designed for light players who just likes to enjoy music or multimedia visual than pursuit advanced gaming techniques (e.g. "Love Touch" and "MuziBox"). But after somatosensory feature is considered by several developers, some games may need advanced gaming techniques if a player wants to be familiar with new gaming systems (e.g. "Sound Voltex Booth" and "Dance Evolution" by Konami and "MaiMai").

IGS vs Konami: Interactive event as the best practice for positive impressions of music games and arcade game industry in Taiwan

If a golden era is over, the best idea to maintain gaming popularity and showcase positive impression is to hold interactive events. In this alternative battle of the 2012 GTI Taipei, IGS and Konami respectively held key events when promoting their own new games.

Succeeded to We Dancing Online Arcade Edition (WeDo Arcade), IGS introduced their new product "MuziBox". To stabilize gaming popularity from WeDo Arcade, IGS and Saint-Fun jointly provided several memorial WeDo Arcade Tournament T-Shirts and IGS Super Collection Original Soundtrack during lucky draw events for players.

To last upsurges from recently-ended 2011 REFLEC BEAT Taiwan Grand Prix, Yoshitaka Nishimura (DJ YOSHITAKA), music composer and director of Konami BEMANI Series, was invited by Sume Corporation (agent of Konami in Taiwan) to interact with Bemani players. During the showdays, DJ YOSHITAKA demonstrated new games including "Sound Voltex Booth" and "Dance Evolution" to players and described variations and differences from past works.

Booth experience event by IGS and Saint-Fun (agent of IGS).
DJ YOSHITAKA (center) introduced "Sound Voltex Booth" and "Dance Evolution" to Bemani players.

Generally in new music games at the 2012 GTI Taipei, the first impression of music game has to be changed because of variations on functionality and different gaming-style orientations.