Monday, February 27, 2012

2011 RBTWGP Final Series: "Zero Hour" blazes amazing results

After the season tournament in Spring and Summer last year, the "2011 REFLEC Taiwan Grand Prix" (2011 RBTWGP) brought out the "Zero Hour" last Saturday assembling athletes including qualified athletes from Final Series and the top three athletes from Spring and Summer Series in Taipei, Taiwan. Thirty-two athletes were split into two divisions for the final top four eliminations.

Play's World Tianmu Flagship Store, the official tournament sponsor in the Grand Final, made a social network campaign during the tournament for participants who owns mobile devices to interact with Facebook Map.

Although the whole series of 2011 RBTWGP underwent a major upgrade on gaming system and songs, participants still considered the tournament as the Zero Hour because any small mistake is disallowed if someone wants to contend the final champion.

Zero Hour: PAN vs SV-CORE

In the final "Zero Hour", the championship match started with the same fixture in the Summer Series. Some participants predicted that another incredible "Sanity" would be once again. What would be happened in the next moment? Everyone seemed not to know that because the final two athletes are under pressure. If someone errors in a key moment, the other one will be the champion as well.

After several deadlocks, PAN finally held the last championship point to win the final champion with a reversible winning of 2-1 set to SV-CORE.

"Thanks for supports from my teammates and my parents, without your encouragements, I will not be able to do a complete physical constructions to win the Final Champions. After this (tournament), I think every participant should do a proper optimization for a better tomorrow." Pan said after the Championship Match.