Monday, August 13, 2012

2012 Taoyuan ACG Carnival: Live ACG Orchestra performs classic music with mixed styles

Last Saturday on August 11, the Live ACG Orchestra of 2012 Taotuan ACG Carnival was taken place at the Taoyuan County Performing Arts Center in Taoyuan County, Taiwan. Kaoru Wada, a famous ACG musician from Japan, was invited to conduct this orchestra with performances by the Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra.

To showcase mixed cultures from this ACG orchestra, the organizer arranged special performances with Chinese traditional instruments by local musicians in this orchestra.

Although a bad weather shaded in Taoyuan, this orchestra still attracted about 400 people last Saturday night.

"I'm surprised that it rained suddenly in the performance. I'm glad to thank several ACG and music fans supporting this major event although it undergoes a bad weather during the event. I'm looking forward to hope ACG and music fans can still support related events similar with this when I visit Taiwan next time."