Sunday, August 12, 2012

Traditional cultures promoted at the 2012 Taiwan Original Music Awards

The 2012 Taiwan Original Music Awards in Taipei, Taiwan. (Credit: Ministry of Culture, R.O.C)
To promote indie music cultures from the traditional language in Taiwan, "2012 Taiwan Original Music Awards", co-organized by the Ministry of Culture, Hakka Affairs Council, and Council of Indigenous Peoples, showcased the final achievements in Taipei, Taiwan on August 11.

This major event has three divisions by different languages including Min-nan, Hakka, and Taiwanese Aboriginal Language. This event performed the spirits of originality, creativity, successions, and transcends for the music of traditional languages in Taiwan.

According to the organizer, about 253 entries are estimated to join this tournament, the top tens in three divisions are eligible to make the final performance in the award ceremony of the 2012 Taiwan Original Music Awards.

After the Final Stage Event, awarded winners in the 2012 Taiwan Original Music Awards will be invited to make their own performances in a special concert scheduled on September 22 in the Xinyi New Life Square in Taipei, Taiwan, all the champions will have opportunities to make their own memorial music videos.