Wednesday, January 28, 2015

2015 Asia Pacific Game Summit: When gaming varies complexity?

Accompanied with the opening for the 2015 Taipei Game Show, the Asia Pacific Game Summit (APGS) for industrial professionals also taken place in the Taipei World Trade Center, show venue of the Taipei Game Show.

The APGS is a brand new international forum for digital content industries and other-related solution providers to forecast trends and futures from gaming industry to extensive topics. Industrial elites from digital content and ICT industries arranged several panels and topics to share industrial experiences for participated developers and operators with varied types of solutions.

"Gaming is not simple as the public often think about," as the opening keynotes expressed. According to Hideo Baba, CPO of Bandai Namco "Tales of" Series, "A game series with a great sustainability should make different imaginations from a simple genre gaming style to a varied and complexioned game-playing forms." In addition, he also noticed to the participants "subjecting the whole story-line to convey key messages clearly to players before developing."

"Gaming forms changes rapidly as variations of gaming populations and technology evolution." Chris Yerga, Vice President for Google Play Asia Pacific, listed some examples about gaming trend variations from arcade, console, and mobile games. "Not only just rich content, several developers are also interested to innovate high-definition market to fulfill requirements from addicted players who want to enjoy more rich-quality gaming graphics."

"The most difficult step of programming and developing is integrating." Facebook, as the most well-known social platform, was initially chosen as the single-sign-on (SSO) platform by most of developers as of users mostly registered there. "By matching application events and target users, developers or publishers can smoothly do their own precision marketing perfectly if they completed integration from different platforms," as Bo Zhang, Regional Head of Asia Pacific for Facebook Platform Partnerships, mentioned during the last keynote.

Up Next - The 2nd Day of Asia Pacific Game Summit

  • Game Industry Round-table Discussion
  • Game trend forecast for mobile games from Taiwan to the world