Sunday, February 8, 2015

2015 Asia Pacific Game Summit: Trend-forecasting in a glance

In the second day of the Asia Pacific Game Summit 2015, Cross-Strait industrial executives gathers the Game Industry Round-table Discussion to forecast trends and issues of gaming industry from Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong, to the world. Besides of the key event, part of industrial analysts and experts also commented about the (game) industry in different ways.

"Traditional fictions and novels are mostly referred by game developers and planners because of a various culture in Greater China," industrial experts from Mainland China commented. "A well-constructed game should consider its balance between profit (or market) and content plan because Intellectual Property License is highly valued by legal professionals."

"Memories from past ages may be classics (or essentials) if  the publishers clearly realized variations of gaming trends and populations," Chun-Po Wang, Chairman of Soft-World International, exampled to the participants from a famous Taiwanese film named "You Are the Apple of My Eye" originally written by Giddens Ko.

As of policy limitations, "the openness of gaming market is still a little tight in Mainland China," Aaron Hsu, Chairman of XPEC entertainment commented about the presence of gaming market openness in Greater China. "Although game contents can be suited on local circumstances (policy, culture,..., etc.), but restrictions to game developers should be lifted for a great future of game industry in Mainland China."

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